Two new Q & A's for my catechism

Q & A's 5 and 6 are new

1.    Who is the Christian God?

“I am/will be who I am/will be” (Ex.3:14).

God is and will be utterly faithful to himself and to the world he created.

2.    Why did this God create our world?

To live with us here in shalom (a world rightly ordered in every way), lavishing love and expending power to bring this state of affairs to be.

3.    Why did God create us?

To be divine image-bearers, royal representatives who reflect God's character and will throughout the world and care for and nurture the creation to its full flourishing.                                                                  

4.    What has gone wrong with our world?

For no reason (for sin is a surd, irrational, not capable of rational explanation) we broke faith with God, rejected the identity he gave us, and defaulted on the vocation God gave us. Our relationship with God broken, we became alienated from ourselves, each other, and the creation.

5.    What has God done about this?

God never acquiesced in this human folly. God judged it yet at the same time trumped it in grace that kept a future open for us. God launched a subversive counter-revolutionary movement to reclaim and restore all things to his design.


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