Jesus "Christ"

Herma and Herman Neutics on Jesus "Christ"

One way we domesticate the biblical message is to regard "Christ" as simply Jesus' last name. It is not. "Christ" means "anointed one," Messiah. The special agent God would send to rescue his people, restore them to world primacy, and rule over the nations. By calling Jesus "Christ" we signal we believe that Jesus of Nazareth is that special agent. Yet not in the way expected.

-he rescued his people by his nonviolent life, his death, and his resurrection, thus redefining power and the nature of his "people."

-he restores this people to world primacy equipping and commissioning them to love and serve others rather than lording it over them.

-he rules the nations as the victorious "slaughtered Lamb" (Rev.5:6), is such an oxymoron be allowed.

Yes, friends, calling Jesus the Christ means all this and more and we ought to be mindful of that meaning when we call him that.


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