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Who’s Really Running the World?

Halloween’s Big “O”

The imagery and mythologies surrounding Halloween are numerous, multilayered, and full of multiple significances.In the West, the rites and liturgies of this day cumulatively gesture towards what I am calling “Halloween’s Big ‘O’.”
No, it’s not THAT “Big O”!Rather I mean the Big “O” of Otherness, the Other, and Ourselves.As fallen creatures we have fallen into fear – fear of Otherness, of the Other, and of Ourselves.Halloween objectivizes these fears and externalizes them in the macabre creatures we fear in movies and books and seek to tame through costumes and toys.
-We dread the sense of Otherness in the world and universe we experience as sheer transcendence, a nameless, faceless, weighty presence that neither knows us or cares for us.Aliens in particular express this fear of Otherness.We cannot help but recoil and hide from this oppressive presence.
-We fear the Other, the particular people we encounter from day to day.We experience them as threats to us, not gifts.Ghosts, vampires, …

A Zombie Is a Slave Forever

ZOMBIES will come to my door on Wednesday night — in rags, eye-sockets blackened, pumping devices that make fake blood run down their faces — asking for candies. There seem to be more and more zombies every Halloween, more zombies than princesses, fairies, ninjas or knights. In all probability, none of them knows what a zombie really is.
Most people think of them as the walking dead, a being without a soul or someone with no free will. This is true. But the zombie is not an alien enemy who’s been CGI-ed by Hollywood. He is a New World phenomenon that arose from the mixture of old African religious beliefs and the pain of slavery, especially the notoriously merciless and coldblooded slavery of French-run, pre-independence Haiti. In Africa, a dying person’s soul might be stolen and stoppered up in a ritual bottle for later use. But the full-blown zombie was a very logical offspring of…

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