God or YHWH

Herma and Herman Neutics: God or YHWH

God is the generic name of the Bible's deity. YHWH (Yahweh) is the covenantal, personal name of that deity. He revealed it to Moses at the burning bush prior to the Exodus from Egypt and Israel becoming a nation under God. We ought to keep that in mind these days when we promiscuously throw around the word "God." It might behoove us to do as Israel did and call our God by his "given" name, YHWH. Especially as in the New Testament Jesus is often called "lord" or kurios, the Greek word that translates YHWH in the Greek Old Testament. [Actually it translates the word that Jews. spoke in place of the unutterably holy YHWH,]

God's purpose is to draw ever nearer to his people. Granting them his personal name YHWH was an unfathomable act of grace and intimacy. Israel revered and treasured it. Since his Son bears that same name it seems both churlish and foolish to spurn that gift and keep on blathering about "God." YHWH or Yahweh will be an acquired taste for us since we are unused to using it. But it will grow on us. And we just might grow a bit in our faith too! 


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