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Help, Thanks, (Sorry), Wow

Valerie Schultz | Jan 26 2013 - 2:29pm | 2 comments
For Christmas, my sister gave me the newest book from one of my favorite authors: Help, Thanks, Wow, by Anne Lamott. My favorite authors tend to be those who write things that I wish I’d written, and Anne Lamott’s many essays on motherhood and faith and struggle are definitely some of those things. Her most recent book ponders the three prayers we most often say to communicate with God, each of which can be reduced in its shortest form to one word: Help. Thanks. Wow.
The book, at 102 pages, is as slim as its prayers, and just as packed with meaning. I read it in one glorious afternoon by a sunny window, pausing frequently to savor a particularly wonderful image or phrase. Anne Lamott is a gifted crafter of words and teller of truths, whose work often makes me stop to say "Wow" and "Thanks," sometimes simultaneously. As I read, I was struck by the si…

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George Elerick on Gun Issues - helpful

the notion of guns and gun control only leaves us with two options. this approach demands we choose sides. that there even has to be a side. i think this itself is the very issue at hand.

guns are not simply about protecting one's own property or even the perversion of the myth of secure identity (i.e., i am protecting 'myself', myself as a separate entity from the whole - ultimately choosing the myth of the individual over the community). But here is the obscenity of such a gesture/ideology: it will always force us to choose the 'tribe' of the nuclear family (i.e., those biologically/intrinsically valuable) over the general whole.

knowledge has still become the centerpiece by which we define value. meaning that we feel a responsibility to defend the knowledge of one, two or more people on a smalle scale over the benefit of the whole. guns and even gun control (whether positive or negative) becomes about securing those we claim to love within the con…

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