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"Following the Lamb Wherever He Goes" (1)

Karl Barth once complained that discussions of method and other material preliminary to actually discussing the matter at hand often got out of hand never quite getting to that matter. He rejected this kind of interminable “throat-clearing.” Yet, I fear we must endure a bit of such “throat clearing” before entering the text of Revelation. Too much, and too much wrong, has already been said and written about this most-contested of biblical books for us to simply jump in at Rev.1:1 and start commenting.
We start with some Frequently Asked Questions about Revelation. This section introduces in brief matters important to interpreting Revelation. They are not complete responses in any way. But they do orient the reader to some of the main issues with the book.
Is the author of Revelation the same as the author of the gospel of John?
We do not know who wrote the Gospel of John. Tradition attributes it to the apostle John. Some think an obscure figure named John the Elder may have written it. …

"Following the Lamb Wherever He Goes": Discipleship in Empire in Revelation

The above title is for a new series I will be posting here on the book of Revelation. I believe Revelation is the most important book in the New Testament for 21st Century Churches. The posts will detail why I believe this to be the case.