Herma and Herman Neutics on the History of Recent Biblical Interpretation

Actually, truth be told we found this on Lawson Stone's facebook page and was so taken with it we wanted to share it with you. It's broadbrush but we think its  good summary to keep in mind. (Used with permission.)

"First we killed God (divine inspiration) and were left with ancient literature; and
then we killed the authors and were left with just the "text" as autonomous literary art (new criticism);
then we killed the text and ended up with mere language (Structrualism);
then we killed the language and ended up with the Reader As God (Reader Response Criticism) and finally killed the reader and ended up with the text as a blunt instrument (Deconstruction, Post-modernity)."

That's not to say there's nothing to be learned from these other approaches. On the contrary, there is much of value in them. However, when biblical interpretation is reduced to one or other of them, they ill-serve us. Maybe it's time to rediscover the Divine Author of Scripture?


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