Why Men Aren’t Spiritual, Religious nor Interested in Church.

No need to rehash all the polls and research showing that Americans are increasingly checking “none” for faith affiliation. Nor is there a need to educate us on how American church attendance is in a free fall and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives. Here’s the bigger question… Why are men way outpacing women in distancing themselves from organized or disorganized religion? Here are the reasons in no specific order:

Men are in conquering mode. Much of the decline is due to life stage and male responsibility. Physiologically, psychologically, and educationally men are late starters. Girls can excel in the classroom at an earlier age which causes many males to be frustrated. Men start hitting their groove in their 20’s, right about the time they start making their mark on the world. It is an intoxicating feeling that leaves little room for church. They’re chasing clear objectives for their career and enjoying the preoccupation of hobbies; going some place to learn to be nice just doesn’t measure up. Most movements are initiated by men. Most churches aren’t movementsthey are experienced more as repositories for manners. When a church becomes a movement that is trying to conquer something, men will become more interested.

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