Donald Trump in The Narnia Chronicles

          Yes, Donald Trump makes an appearance in C. S. Lewis beloved Narnia. There he has the name Uncle Andrew and he’s in The Magician’s Nephew. Uncle Andrew is a magician with delusions of grandeur. He fancies himself the greatest of magicians and there is no end to the things he dreams that he, and he alone, can achieve. Imperious, manipulative, greedy, willing to hurt others for his own ends, short-tempered he cuts a rather foolish caricature of himself throughout the story. Lewis’ description of his appearance reinforces his cartoonish character.

          Uncle Andrew unexpectedly find himself present at the creation of Narnia as the great Lion Aslan sings this new land in being. Uncle Andrew, of course, can only see commercial possibilities in the fecund abundance of this young creation. He cannot understand Aslan, however, hearing only terrifying roars when the lion speaks. Trying to escape the talking beasts of Narnia he knocks himself unconscious. The talking beasts deliberate on what manner of thing Andrew is and come to the conclusion that he must be a tree. They then try to plant him in the ground (right side up, fortunately). The Elephant waters him and Uncle Andrew wakes up screaming. His misery is ended when Aslan puts him to sleep. Uncle Andrew wakes up safe and sound back in London.

          The many resemblances between the fictitious Uncle Andrew and the very real Donald Trump suggest the former may be a cautionary tale for the latter. What do you think?


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