No, the safest place ISN'T in the center of God's will

Enough with the Christian cliches, people.
An unexpected heart attack just snatched the life of a dear friend, so I'm feeling a little raw. 
A warrior and a storyteller, she worked fearlessly as a nurse in the refugee camps along the Thai border. Cambodians like my wife, found refuge in her care when they stumbled out of the jungles on the run from the Khmer Rouge regime.
For that I will always be grateful.
Khmer Rouge child soldiers enter Phnom Penh.
Knowing the dangers, my friend and her husband then chose to relocate into Cambodia in the early 90's - a time when pockets of the country were still under siege from the communists. To better serve the poor, they moved into a slum. 
It was not comfortable. It was not sanitary.


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