Best Picture of Salvation Ever

I don’t remember the source for this story but it is wonderful!

One Saturday morning a father was sitting on the floor in his den sorting through the week’s accumulation of junk mail. Unbeknownst to him, his 10 year-old son and a friend were sneaking up on him. Dressed out in their camo gear replete with eye black and helmets the kids crept to the doorway of the den. With a cry they bounded out and dove at the father amid his pile of junk mail. Then the fun started. They rolled and rough-housed around the den floor till all were exhausted. They fell apart belly-laughing for several minutes. The father looked at his son’s friend and realized he didn’t know him.

Salvation is participating in the life of God through Jesus Christ. Like that kid who joined in the son’s fun with his father, we too share in the all goodness, beauty, and love – and fun! – of the life of the triune God! If you imagine yourself joining Jesus is such hijinks with the Father, you have some sense of how salvation feels. If not, maybe reflection on this little story will help.


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