Thursday of Holy Mysteries

The Entry into the Holy City
John August Swanson

For this Maundy Thursday I offer the following fine reflection from Frederick Schmidt. Swanson's painting has about it an air of mystery which ties in nicely with Schmidt's thoughts.

The Thursday of Holy Mysteries
April 13, 2017 by Frederick Schmidt 1 Comment
Some weeks ago I began yet another painting project at home, the third room so far. I have a piece of advice to share with you: Never say “never.” I’ve said, “Never,” to painting two or three times, to no effect.
Anyway, I find painting exceedingly boring, so I usually troll through old movies that are dialogue heavy. They are distracting and I can follow them, without actually watching the TV screen.
One of my more recent weekend choices was “Paper Chase.” It’s the story of a new law student named Hart and his struggle to clear the hurdles associated with what is called 1L and, in particular, his struggles with the imperious Professor Kingsfield, his contracts professor.
The movie is filled with tidbits that reflect Kingsfield’s approach to the classroom, which – although described as Socratic – could also be described as “assault with the intent to teach.” Kingsfield tells the new class of incoming students: “You come in here with skulls filled with mush and, if you survive, you will go out thinking like lawyers.” He tells another student, “Here’s twenty-five cents. Go call your mother and tell her that you’re not going to be a lawyer.”
Basically, the message is that life as a “1L” is life on a knife’s edge or on a precipice. It’s dint of effort. Gut it out. A “see if you can make it, kid” kind of world.

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