10 Things You Should Know about the Trinity

April 06, 2017by: Crossway

This is a guest post by Fred Sanders, author of The Deep Things of God: How the Trinity Changes Everything. This post is part of our 10 Things You Should Know blog series.

1. The Trinity is something God wants us to know.

If you believe the Bible reveals that God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, then you ought to believe that God made this known because he wants us to know it. "The secret things belong to the LORD," but God's triunity is not among those secret things, or he wouldn't be talking about it and neither would we. "The things that are revealed belong to us" (Deut 29:29).

2. The doctrine of the Trinity is not illogical.

It doesn't teach that God is three persons in one person, or three beings in one being, or three in one in some abstract sense. It teaches that God is three persons in one being. Partly because there are no other examples of such a thing, God's triunity transcends our rational comprehension. But it doesn't violate logic or make a claim that it nonsensical.

3. You should give up on looking for an illustration of the Trinity.

God's triunity is one of those divine realities that have no parallel, like "being the creator of everything from nothing," or "being omnipotent." Any illustration you think of for such realities is vastly more unlike God than like God.
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