Practice Resurrection! How?

Easter is all about newness, victory, resurrection. Yet after all the hoopla things go back to normal and we face the prospect of Low Sunday a week later and a world that seems not to have changed. How do we “practice resurrection” (Wendell Berry) in the ordinariness and opaqueness of life?

1.    The world often (always?) seems more darkness than light.                                       The best I can do is trust that God has this whole mess completely under control. 

2.    There’s not much I can do about this mess.                                                          Except use each day and its opportunities to do what I can. 

3.    Optimism is hard to come by.                                                                                      I have to choose hope and affirm life and the world. 

4.    I make mistakes often, errors of both omission and commission.                                Ann Lamott is right – shitty first drafts are necessary. 

5.    Life is busy and hard with little enough time to what we think God wants us to do. Therefore, Sabbath is necessary.

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