Holy Week Monday: Temple Business

March 21, 2016 by J. R. Daniel Kirk 0 Comments

There is one mystery, one paradox that runs through the Gospel stories. It’s the whole point of the story, and yet none of Jesus’ friends could ever quite wrap their minds around it.

Yes, they could all agree, Jesus was Messiah.

But no, Jesus kept insisting, not like that.

The juxtaposition was there for those with eyes to see during the entry into Jerusalem. While the crowds are shouting hosanna. They want the coming of the kingdom of David. They want the glorification of Jerusalem, so long promised.

But Jesus has chosen a humble mount: a claim to kingship, but a humble one.

Yes, the kingdom will come, but not like that.

Perhaps the first indication that things aren’t going to go quite as people hoped is Jesus’ anti-climactic arrival. After looking around, he decides it’s time to go to bed.

Cue the Monday morning return.

Signs of Life?

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