Subhuman or #TrulyHuman? Finding Healing for the Sickness and Death of Sin


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I had gone 40 years without ever having the flu.
I had this unbelievably great healthy track record of not getting the flu until this year. My wife and I had spent a Saturday afternoon in early January installing a new back splash at my mother-in-law’s house. Our little remodeling project prompted the little arguments and multiple trips to the local hardware store common to most projects we work on together. As we were finishing up, a creeping achiness began to overtake me and when the project was complete, I sat on the floor in the kitchen leaning against the hard cabinet assuming I was just tired. Nope. The flu was just beginning to settle in. My wife and I headed home and within two hours we both were wrapped up in blankets, shivering, coughing, and feverish. With three boys it is hard enough when one of us is sick, but this scenario was worse; we were both sick, with the flu, at the exact same time.+
For the next couple of days I wandered around the house like a nomad. Wrapped up in an old bedspread, covering my sickness-attire of sweat pants, wool socks, hoodie, and faded Kansas City Chiefs hat. I would meander to the kitchen to get a drink, trying to keep the fluids going, and then would slowly find my way back to the couch in the living room where my feverish body, lethargic and lifeless, found a temporary home. We were both miserable. It felt like warm death. We attended to the kids the best we could, but for a couple days we laid around zombie-like, energyless shells of former ourselves.+
We were truly less than human. We returned to health after a few days and within a week or so our energy levels returned and we felt like ourselves again. At one point while I sat in my bed-spread cocoon, praying for my fever to break, I had a thought: having the flu is like suffering the effects of sin.+


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