Our Culture's War on Christmas (It's Not What You Think)

As a Christian, I, Optimistic Chad, am very upset that culture has declared war on our holy days. In particular,

1.Christian culture has declared war on Advent by forcing us to ...celebrate Christmas 25 days too early.

2. Christian culture has declared war on christmas and has replaced Christ with Santa as it's most favorite Christmas icon.

3. Christian culture has also declared war on christmas by only celebrating it for one day, as opposed to 12 days, as the ancient orthodoxy suggests.

4. Christian culture has gone on and declared war on christmas by mocking everything that Christ stood for in making the celebration of the humility and presence of our king with unabashed hedonism and materialism.

5. Christian culture has further declared war on christmas by insisting that the rest of the country celebrate Christmas as well, claiming that they are being persecuted, thereby mocking the love of Christ that refuses to force itself on others, as well as making mockery of those who have been and are truly persecuted, i.e. killed.



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