And You Think It's Hard to Believe in Jesus' Virginal Conception!

Matt Gunter says Christianity also requires us to believe and live as though:

"Jesus is the measure of all things? The turn-the-other-cheek guy from Nazereth who got himself crucified?

"I must love my enemies and pray for them, repaying evil with good?

"We are expected to live nonviolently in such a world as ours? Peace is always better than violence?

"Forgiveness is always better than revenge or resentment?

"Money is "unrighteous" and dangerous to my soul? That my best investment is to give it all away?

"All people are created equal? Is there any other "truth" that is less self-evident or more easily contradicted by reason and scientific evidence? The closest I can get to that is we are all of us equally created in the image of God, equally loved by God, and equally the objects of Christ’s redeeming. It’s still pretty hard to believe from a purely empirical perspective.

Humility is a virtue?"



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