Making Change Work

From Take the Stairs: Seven Steps to Achieving True Success, by Rory Vaden, six tips for getting over the 30-day hump and sticking to New Year’s resolutions (or any other attempts to change):
  1. Pick one resolution – or pick none. We suck at multitasking. The more goals you have, the more difficult it is to achieve any of them – because the time and energy it takes to make behavior changes is spread too thin.
  2. Put a price tag on your failure. When we break commitments in life, there are consequences. Your resolution is a commitment to yourself, so there should be a cost if you don’t follow through. My friend promised his business partner $2500 if he didn’t lose 50 pounds in six months. Do you think he achieved that goal? You bet.
  3. Don’t measure your results – measure your efforts. Focus on stellar efforts – not results.
  4. Set a weekly alarm on your calendar. Schedule a weekly check-in with yourself to evaluate your progress. And remember – you are evaluating the progress of your efforts, NOT your results.
  5. Start from scratch every week. Renew your intention to stick your plan. Remember, you are only 30 days away from making a change that you will keep forever!
  6. Find a friend. Make sure you have an accountability partner, because while you are likely to lose your motivation at some point, it is much less likely that both you and your partner will feel unmotivated


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