Would You Vote for Someone Like This for President?

Jesus called and blessed his followers to live a certain way of life. He summarized this way of life in what we call the Beatitudes (Mt.5:3-12). Is this way of life an “electable” way of life in America? Can it support the ambition to be the most powerful person in the world? I doubt it. And I’ve reframed Jesus’ Beatitudes to reflect the reality (not the Civic’s class fantasy) of life as a person seeking the highest office in the land.

“Unworthy are people who are hopeless, they have no place in the White House.

“Unworthy are people who grieve, because we are an officially optimistic people.

“Unworthy are people who are humble, because they will never win an election.

“Unworthy are people who are hungry and thirsty for righteousness, because they can’t be counted on not to see and act beyond self or national-interest.

“Unworthy are people who show mercy, there’s no room for that in our politics!

“Unworthy are people who have pure hearts, because they will not be corrupted.

“Unworthy are people who make peace, only those who fight and win need seek office here.

“Unworthy are people whose lives are harassed because they are righteous – who said anything about righteousness anyway! - when people insult you and harass you and speak all kinds of bad and false things about you, you won’t return in kind and worse.


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