The Church Year and the Lectionary Commentary – 23rd Ordinary (Day 1)

Proverbs 22:1,2, 8-9, 22-23

22 A good reputation is better than much wealth;
high esteem is better than silver and gold.
2 The rich and the poor have this in common:
the LORD made them both.
8 Those who sow injustice will harvest evil;
the rod of their fury will come to an end.
9 Happy are generous people,
because they give some of their food to the poor.
22 Don’t steal from the poor, because they are poor.
Don’t oppress the needy in the gate.
23 The LORD will take up their case
and press the life out of those who oppress them.

According to The Message:

1 A sterling reputation is better than striking it rich; a gracious spirit is better than money in the bank.

2 The rich and the poor shake hands as equals—
GOD made them both!

8 Whoever sows sin reaps weeds,
and bullying anger sputters into nothing.

9 Generous hands are blessed hands
because they give bread to the poor

22-23 Don't walk on the poor just because they're poor,
and don't use your position to crush the weak,
Because GOD will come to their defense;
the life you took, he'll take from you and give back to them.

This sounds like a great set of election criteria to me!


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