The Bible as a Fieldguide for God's Subversive Counter-Revolutionary Movement

In my continuing effort to rethink Christianity as God's Subversive Counter-Revolutionary Movement, I offer this take on the place and role of the Bible in this movement.


For God's SCRM the Bible is the sign, sacrament, and servant of God's self-revelation through Jesus Christ. And it is his self-revelation we are talking about – the presence of God himself as the One who has freely chosen to bind himself in relationship to this people so that they may be the people through whom God spreads his blessings to everyone else (Gen.12:1-3).

Entailed in the Bible's nature as sign, sacrament, and servant of God are functions such as:

-announcing the Vision of the Desirable Future that animates the SCRM/ the vision of God for creation

-narrating the Story of the Struggle with Visions of False Futures/ the story of humanity's rejecting that vision, and God's continuing passion and strategy for a pursuit of his rebellious human creatures and their communities

-highlighting the decisive turning point in this struggle/ the victory of God over the powers of sin, death, and (d)evil in Jesus Christ

-serving as a Field Manual of Operations for the SCRM/

-a history of some of the earliest development and growth of this movement (Acts)

-the equipping of his people to live and love as they were intended in witnessing to God's victory and participating in his guiding his creation and creatures to their full and final flourishing (narrative, gospels, prophecy, apocalyptic, challenges to the coherence of the whole movement (e.g. Ecclesiastes, Job and responses to meet and process these challenges (e.g. Psalms, Daniel)

-nurturing the Spirit-uality (spelled this way to remind us that Christianly considered this is a matter of the work of God’s Spirit not our own spirits) of the SCRM/the prayers of the Psalter


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