Why "All Lives Matter" doesn't matter.

"All Lives Matter" suggests we're all in this together facing a common problem. We're not. We have different problems that must be addressed in different ways.

"All Lives Matter" suggests that we all get along in the world in our continuing inequitable ways, only that we stop killing each other. The latter is certainly desirable but the former is not.

"All Lives Matter" is disingenuous because white lives have always mattered and no one questions that.

Justice, real justice - political, social, and economic equity is the non-negotiable basis for any claim that "Black Lives Matter. Having parades together and singing "Kum Ba Yah," while important as a beginning point must be followed quickly be concrete steps in the right direction. Otherwise it's just so much hot air.

Excuse me if this sounds negative. But I don't trust that white America will willingly cede power and resources to Black America. I hope that happens with all my heart. But I'll have to see it to believe it.

BTW, I am white.


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