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God Is a Neoliberal Centrist

God is not a Republican, God is not a Democrat and God does not believe in American Exceptionalism

Tony Fratto, George W. Bush’s former Deputy Press Secretary, made a salient observation when tweeting about the DNC: He felt like he was “watching Democrats talk about America the way Republican candidates used to talk about America.” If the RNC featured conservative faith mobilized for the xenophobic hate spewing from Donald Trump, the DNC displayed an incredible amount of religious and secular faith justifying the militarism, imperialism, neoliberalism and American Exceptionalism of the Democratic Party. Once the hallmark of the Religious Right, a liberal version of these values have found a comfortable home in the centrist coalition being formed by the Democratic Party and its presidential nominee, Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Democrats rebutted Trump’s slogan “Make American Great” with the affirmation that “America is already great.” As the DNC featured speaker after speaker—from celebrities to experienced politicians including President Obama—we often heard different iterations of the same tune. America is the greatest country ever created and any individual can rise above difficult circumstances to make it. Vice President Biden went so far as to declare: “The 21st century is going to be the American century.”



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