Ten Marks of a Toxic Faith

(Toxic faith cannot and does not grow or nurture growth but rather inhibits/endangers it)

If your God wears a perpetual scowl, your faith is toxic.

If you fear God too much to pray more than the most distant and formal prayers, your faith is toxic.

If you do not pray because you believe it makes no difference to God and everything is all scripted anyway, your faith is toxic.

If you pray to manipulate or use God for your own purposes, your faith is toxic.

If your faith runs only vertically or horizontally, your faith is toxic.

Both headless and heartless faith is toxic faith.

If you believe church is nice optional extra to faith, your faith is toxic.

Faith without works or faith based on works is toxic.

If you believe salvation is focused on going to heaven after death, your faith is toxic.

If your faith is anything other than a disavowal of anything in us as counting with God, it is toxic faith.


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