What do we do with a dead horse?

Presented at NEXT Church 2013
By Steve Eason, Pastor, Myers Park Presbyterian Church

Someone once said, When a horse dies, its an excellent time to dismount! (Anonymous). We (the Church) are prone to stay on our dead horses.

Alternatives to Dismounting a Dead Horse

  Buy a stronger whip. (Just beat it harder. Youre bound to get some more life out of it!)

Appoint a task-­‐‑force to study the dead horse.

Put a memorial plaque on it. (Thatll keep it around.)

Name it something different.

Rotate riders...on a dead horse!

Call a pastor who is a Horse Resurrector!

  Buy cases of air freshener. Just cover it up.

  Ignore it.

Group Discussion:
What are the top ten dead horses in the Church (or our church) today?


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