My Favorite Easter Story (and it is about a rabbit!)

A boy and his grandfather were sitting on the front porch one afternoon. Their dog lay at the grandfather's feet. A few moments later the dog fired off the porch barking furiously and chasing something through the shrubs and beyond. The grandfather looked at his grandson and winked. "He's seen a rabbit. He'll never stop chasing him."

Soon other dogs joined the chases, barking and howling, and racing after the first dog in and out of the trees and into the woods beyond. They could hear the dogs continuing the chase for some time. Then, the barking lessened, and one by one, the other dogs came out of the woods and returned to their homes. Only the first dog kept chasing and barking and pursuing his prey.

The boy looked up at his grandfather quizzically. The old man said, "You know why the other dogs quit chasing and ours didn't?" The boy shook his head. "It's because our dog is the only one who saw the rabbit. The other dogs chased our dog and that's why they got tired and gave up. But once a dog has seen a rabbit, it never gives up the chase."


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