Butchers, Bakers, and Wedding Cake Makers

Christians should have the freedom not to support what they think is sinful. However they are called to serve sinners and service need not be seen as affirmation. Serving others is an act of good witness.
The public sphere is not the church. The fight for political rights are not the same as Christian witness. They overlap some, but they are not the same. Christians would be wise to remember that.
The public sphere is a place where not all agree, and it is the job of the government to regulate relationships to promote common good and common well-being.
Would a Christian want an atheist business to refuse promotions under the notion that they can’t promote someone they thing is deluded? How would a church feel if a company refused to sell them communion cups? Or an atheist government clerk refusing to send charitable status paperwork or ordination papers out of their defiled conscience?
In a world exploding with differences, Christians can have a faithful political witness by merely promoting empathy, honesty, and fairness: something that will work far better at creating a bottom line of common good and decency than any Constantinian strategy will ever do.


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