The Voice Evangelical Men Wish They Had How Jordan Peterson is the father and pastor of thousands of young Christians

Written by: Anthony Bradley

Published on:

February 12, 2018


For about a month now, I’ve been trying to sort out why so many of my male students—Christian guys in their twenties—are such huge fans of Jordan Peterson. By the end of chapter two of his new book, The Twelve Rules for Life, I had my answer.

Peterson understands something about the world of men that evangelical pastors seem to have been clueless about for almost thirty years. It is simply this: since the 1980s, young men have been shamed and emasculated in a culture determined to destroy the archetypal masculinity of figures like Jesus Christ.

How We Got Here

Evangelical pastors and leaders have been exegeting the culture of men from an outdated, mid-1960s cultural playbook—a playbook that often reduced men to lustful sinners who think too highly of themselves and need to be tamed by someone reminding them of their destined depravity. Excoriating men, then, is what sensitized men to the gospel. The Builder generation taught the approach to Baby Boomers, who taught it to GenXers, who taught it to emerging Millennial leaders. What did they miss? Perhaps because of a non-biblical fetish with the “culture war,” or lusting after access to power by syncretizing Christianity with the politics of the Republican party, many evangelical leaders paid too much attention to the social disintegration of archetypal masculinity that pervaded American society in the 1970s and 1980s instead of the masculinity implosion within the walls of their own churches. . .


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