Herma and Herman Neutics: Predestination and Free Will

                                                             Herma and Herman Neutics

Hi Friends, Herma here. I had a thought in the shower today (I do some of my best thinking there) I think is important for biblical interpretation. I'm on Facebook like most of you and I see a regular stream of conversation dispute, name-calling over predestination and free will (or whatever name your tradition calls it). I'm soaping my hair and it struck me, kinds out of the blue) that instead of predestination and free will, we ought to focus first on destination and God's will. And not until we have those foundational issuing framing the biblical narrative and Christian living rightly in place can we begin to reflect properly on predestination and free will. To start from some philosophical premise or common sense notions about what these terms might mean is to end up in all the intractable dead ends such discussions usually end up in. Try this idea and see if it helps. I've got to go wash the soap out of my hair.


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