'Trump wants you to be in his reality show': US theologian Stanley Hauerwas challenges the Church

Joseph Hartropp 23 June 2017 | 12:13 PM

American theologian and ethicist Professor Stanley Hauerwas has hit out at Donald Trump and offered a stark challenge to the contemporary Church.

'Donald Trump is an idiot who wants you to be in his reality show', Hauerwas said. 'The challenge is not to let him dominate your life.'

The man Time Magazine once named as 'America's best theologian' was critical of Trump, but said that the president may remind the Church what it truly stands for. He was speaking this week at lectures for both the think tank Theos, and St Mellitus College, in London.

He said: 'Trump may not be good for America but he may be pretty good for the Church.

'Trump forces Christians to be a people of justice rather than looking for the state to give justice.'
Read more at https://www.christiantoday.com/article/trump.wants.you.to.be.in.his.reality.show.us.theologian.stanley.hauerwas.challenges.the.church/110162.htm


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