Following Christ, Relinquishing Rights

gunLast fall, around the time when Donald Trump first made his infamous call to ban all Muslim immigration to the United States out of fear that it may be a “Trojan Horse” of terrorist infiltration, I wrote a blog post calling for Christians to welcome immigrants and refugees, even if it is costly to us. I wrote:
The way of Jesus Christ is not closing doors to asylum-seeking refugees or building walls to keep out foreigners. The way of Jesus Christ is not about forsaking the well-being of others in order to protect one’s own livelihood. The way of Jesus Christ is the cross. It is the way of sacrificing one’s own well-being in the name of love for others, however uncomfortable or risky or countercultural that may be.
Seven months later, after the tragedy in Orlando and after Donald Trump has reiterated his “ban” and after his support has broadened (even among Christians) beyond what any of us could have imagined, I think the point needs to be made again.
Christians: Being like Christ does not mean looking out for your self-interest and safety and comfort and rights above all else. . .



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