The Main Reason Things Happen as They Do in Our Country

Brian Ross, FB 5.26.16
As a society, we often create our own problems, and then we fumble creating solutions. Why? Because of our faulty "faith" commitments.

Many progressives assume that historical ethics and spiritual narratives are a danger to society. Human beings should be free to be anyone they want.

Then, when evil happens, the answer becomes: legislate, legislate, legislate. Not realizing that their own narratives helped to grease the wheels towards evil. They have dismantled thick narratives of transcendence that serve as a check on human actions and motives.

Similarly, many conservatives (who pay lip service to historical ethics and spiritual narratives) assume that any check on unfettered markets is quite ridiculous. Human beings, economically, should be free to do whatever they want. And to entice anyone they want to- with the widgets they have for sale.

Then, when evil happens, the answer becomes to preach more and more about historical ethics and spiritual narratives. Not realizing, that the structures of autonomous markets that they have created- form self-absorbed individuals who are more inclined towards evil. You can't market to people all day along about "what they, as an individual, deserve" in regards to new shiny products and assume this won't impact their self-identities.

We create our world, become shocked at what it becomes, and then we sadly double-down on poor solutions.


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