The Dones, Rob Bell, and the Future of Progressive (and Evangelical) Christianity


Photo: Brett Thatcher, Creative Commons 4.0 via #InstaBLAM
Photo: Brett Thatcher, Creative Commons 4.0 via #InstaBLAM
A few days ago I wrote a piece on my personal blog about “Graduating.”
It was partly a reflection on the story of Rob Bell and how it resonates with my own. It was also about the “Dones” and “post-church” category and how I identify not with the category itself, but with certain elements of the category even as I carve out my own path ahead.

I am “done” – with evangelical church as usual. I’m done with any ministry obligation to that category and identity. I can’t do it anymore, and neither can my family.
In that sense, I am graduating.
That said, there is a flip side to the equation, and one that makes this promotion an emotional and spiritual move up rather than merely an ideological move left. Really, I find myself just as disinterested in being a good progressive as I am in being a good evangelical. This is a moving forward in that strange lane sometimes called the messy middle.


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