The Coming Evils of Mono-Normativity


These days, we are hearing about the evils of hetero-normativity, the prejudiced and intolerant view that heterosexual relationships are somehow normal. But coming to a theatre near  you will be mono-normativity, the prejudiced and intolerant view that monogamous relationships are somehow normal.
Australian activist Simon Copland has an article on Same Sex Marriage Has Been Won: But The Real Fight is Only About to Begin which is really quite disturbing. I used to think the claim that LGBT activist want to legalize same-sex marriage just so they can completely deconstruct it was just right-wing fear-mongering. But this is exactly want Copland wants to do.
While monogamous marriage still works for many, our society is increasingly questioning whether it should remain as the only option. The question is where will the newlywed gays and lesbians stand? For years now the more promiscuous in the queer community have been told that gays and lesbians need to access marriage so we can ‘queer it up’. The best way to break down these traditions, we’ve been told, is from the inside. But is that really true? Many marriage equality campaigns have reinforced these conservative traditions. We’ve seen inspirational campaign videos eschewing the linear monogamous tale of marriage, arguments that same-sex marriages are important for the well being of children and activists who have actively rejected the possibility of legal rights for polyamorous relationships in the future. … The real marriage fight was never about homosexuality, but instead over the lifestyles conservatives find abhorrent. The same-sex marriage debate seems to have potentially converted many gays and lesbians into this position. Marriage equality is now inevitable. But the fight has only really just begun.
And then there is Sweden where even the conservative side of politics (er, apparently Sweden has one) has recently come out in favor of not only gender neutral marriages, but even number neutral marriages. Read about it here.


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