Ken Wilson on Christian Community (part 1)


When City Church in San Francisco announced that it was altering its policies with regard to the inclusion of LGBTQ folks, they indicated that an important voice guiding them forward was that of Ken Wilson, founding pastor of the Ann Arbor Vineyard Church.

Yesterday Wilson preached at City Church, part of an ongoing conversation about what “inclusion” might look like (sermon audio here).

There were two parts of his sermon that resonate with some themes I have been working out here on the blog over the past several years. The one I want to engage today is this:

Knowing what you believe about something does not tell you what you should do about it–especially with respect to people who do not share your conviction.

I have talked about this before as we have had some discussions about what it means to hold a traditional position in a society that does not identify as Christian.

The imperative to love our neighbor as ourself is a weighty one that demands serious introspection. What civil liberties would we want our religiously motivated neighbor to take away from us to keep us from going about life in the way that they think is pleasing to God?

The answer to that question (i.e. none whatsoever) should guide our own actions as we strive to love neighbor in the public sphere.



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