Defying Gravity: Why Relativism is Dying and Everyone is Believing in Absolute Truth, Part 2

November 4, 2014 | By: 0 Comments

Christianity and postmodernism both hold dearly to absolute truth, yet, I would argue, only one of us is gutsy enough to admit it. How refreshing it would be to come to terms with it and talk honestly about our competing ideas of absolute truth? Like a good many Christians, every postmodern believes in a tightly protected circle of absolute truths. Now, it is a very tightly protected circle, a proverbial club, of issues and ideas that are absolutely truthful. My curiosity still remains: who is it that determines what and what does not makes it into the circle of postmodern absolute truth? Who comprises the committee to determine which truths are let in? I’m sure I won’t be let in; I just want to know the process.+
As has been said, “we are entitled to our own opinions, but not our own facts.” So true. But I want to know how the committee deems a fact a fact and an opinion an opinion. Someone is making the calls and I’d really like to read the meeting notes.+
The canon of postmodern dogma is really fluid and hard to keep up with. My point? I believe Western culture will slowly become less and less relativistic rather than increasingly relativistic. We will live by a set of absolute truths that are determined by the committee above I have described. By that I mean that a certain set of cultural absolute truths will increasingly rule our world, truths that will be established without the help of the Bible. Postmodernism does not discard absolute truth; it establishes its own. For even in the act of denying absolute truth, an absolute truth is born.+
As I often do, I make an appeal to all the Cascadian Carls in the world whom I love dearly.+
Carl, if there is at least one absolute truth, shouldn’t you be open to admitting that there may be more? And, secondly, where are you getting your version of the truth? What is your source? Who is your authority? And why do you think your version should rule? And, lastly, how do you distinguish what makes the list and what doesn’t?


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