Great Prayer from Leonard Cohen

“Not Knowing Where to Go” (Book of Mercy)
reformatted into a leader/response litany by Brian Walsh:

Not knowing where to go,
I go to you.
Not knowing where to turn,
I turn to you.
Not knowing what to hold,
I bind myself to you.
Having lost my way,
I make my way to you.
Having soiled my heart,
I lift my heart to you.
Having wasted my days,
I bring the heap to you.
Blocked by every thought,
I fly on the wisp of remembrance.
Defeated by silence,
here is a place where the silence is more subtle.
And here is the opening in defeat.
And here is the clasp of the will.
And here is the fear of you.
And here is the fastening of mercy.
Blessed are you,in this man’s moment.
Blessed are you,whose presence illuminates outrageous evil.
Blessed are you,who brings chains out of darkness.
Blessed are you,who waits in the world.
Blessed are you,whose name is in the world.


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