Wisdom from Clarence Jordan

 "The only two places that are still segregated are the church house and the jails, and I still have hope for the jails."
"We don't kick anybody out of the church for making too much money, no, we make 'em a deac...on, that is if they tithe!"
"The proud pastor of that big church pointed at the steeple and said, 'why Clarence, that cross alone cost us thirty-five thousand dollars!' I said, 'you got cheated, there was a time when folks could get those free and have 'em delivered all lit up!'"
"Poor folks don't need charity, they need capital. They don't need caseworkers, they need coworkers."
"We'll praise the hind-legs off of Jesus and won't do a thing he says."
"It's strange that the Supreme Court (civil rights) is making pagans act more like Christians than the Bible is making Christians act like Christians!"

(from Al Staggs)


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