The Gospel is Way Bigger than We Thought

If I limit the Gospel to my sins and Jesus’ cross:

-I am defined by what I have become (a sinner) and live in (grateful) memory of what Christ has done for me

-I have no basis to experience an integral connection with creation

-I have no compelling rationale for my life till death or Christ returns

-I have no organic connection to God’s new creation

However, in the biblical Gospel:

-I am defined by who I am (God’s image-bearer) and live in anticipation of what God has called me to do

-Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection fulfills creation as new creation as well effecting my salvation

-reclaims and restores me to my primal dignity as God’s image-bearer and vocation as God’s royal representative and caretaker of creation

-my life here and now is part and parcel of my life then and there and my faithfulness here will somehow be purified and used by God as part of his new creation

Yes, the Gospel is way bigger than we ever thought!


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