Six Forms of Selfishness

·  Self-focus: I start to lose interest in a conversation that's not about me or in a story that I'm not telling.
·  Self-glorification: I do what I do to make a name for myself, to get noticed, to get recognition, or to be seen as someone important.
·  Self-obsession: My internal dialogue is all about me. How do I look? How do I feel? What should I do? Why didn't so-and-so acknowledge me? 
·  Self-rule: Me determining the rules of my life, silently or not so silently demanding that others keep my commandments.
·  Self-righteousness: Not thinking that I'm better than others in the traditional sense of the term, but looking down my nose at people who don't realize they're bad like me.
·  Self-reliance: Living as if I don't need divine intervention to do life, which especially manifests itself in pockets of prayerlessness.

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