Why Would You Vote for a Christian as President?

 A Christian is a person who

1.    cannot pledge unconditional allegiance to a nation/serves YHWH alone and the work of his people in the world.

2.    cannot privilege or promote the interests of one people over those of others/privileges and promotes the needs and interests of the poor and needy everywhere.

3.    cannot use violence to settle disputes or retaliate to attacks/loves enemies, seeks reconciliation and friendship.

4.    cannot “push the button” and send the world into nuclear “winter”/works for the healing and nurture of creation.

5.    cannot support an economy based on unending consumption/promotes saying “enough” and treats creation according to its own integrity rather than as a quarry to take from whatever and as much as we want to satisfy ourselves.

Can such a person fulfill the duties of President without compromising who they are and what they are called to be and do?

Can such a person be entrusted to protect the existence and welfare of this country by whatever means necessary?

Can an American citizen vote for such a person as this nation’s Chief Executive and Commander-in-Chief?


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