“Christian” Ideas that Aren’t (9)

“Christian” Ideas that Aren’t? (9)

1. “I’m more of a New Testament Christian.” 2. “The Old Testament is legalistic and about law; the New Testament is about love and grace. 3. “God helps those who help themselves.” 4. “Those who do not work should not eat.” 5. “Minds are like umbrellas. They work best when open.” 6. “My faith is private/personal and nobody else’s business.” 7. “We need to be more spiritual.” 8. “I was saved when I first believed in Jesus.” 9. “Jesus is the Answer”
This is certainly a true statement. Jesus IS the answer! The crucial thing, though, is what is in what way is he the Answer?

He is not the Answer in the sense that we, as Christians, have all the answers to life’s problems and vexations.

Instead, Jesus is the Answer that destabilizes all our “certainties” and calls us to repent and subject all such to constant revision in the humility that comes from embracing the reality that we are creatures and not the Creator.

Indeed, Jesus is the Answer that provokes the kinds of questions we ought to ask but suppress through our unwillingness to bring our lives more fully into the light.

Jesus is, in fact, the Answer to the questions we have become as those who have turned away from relationship to God and forfeited our primal dignity and vocation as God’s image-bearers, those called and gifted by our royal Creator to reflect his character and protect and nurture this creation to its full flourishing. He is the Answer who assures us that God has reclaimed us from our rebellion and restored us to our lost dignity and vocation.

Jesus is the Answer who allows us to live the questions of our lives and to embrace the living of such questions as wisdom itself as it befits creatures.

Yes, Jesus is the Answer! But it matters immeasurably how and in what way he is the Answer.


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