A Missional Catechism (Q.1-5) - Responses>

A first draft of first 5 questions of a "missional" catechism. Responses?

1. Who is God?

God is what God does.
God (fore)sees Shalom (Father);
God shows us Shalom (Son); and
God shapes us into people of Shalom (Holy Spirit)

2. What does God’s Shalom-Dream look like?

God and his creatures living together on this creation,
with the creatures serving as God’s royal representatives
protecting and nurturing creation to its full flourishing
3. What went wrong?

Against all reason and even possibility,
humanity said to God in no uncertain terms:
“You are not the boss of me!”

4. What happened next?

Losing our connection with God we tumbled,
individual persons, families, and societies crumbled, and
in our care for creation we fumbled.

5. What did God do?

God called Abraham and Sarah as parents of a great new family of promise:
God would bless them, and through them, bless every nation.
Thus God will redeem his errant creation to his Shalom-dream.


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